Chantelle’s Story

I am a dressage trainer and clinician who teaches students locally, I teach clinics interstate regularly, and clinic overseas in Denmark when time permits. My dressage training facility is located in Warragul, Victoria, on a farm my husband Wes Allan and I purchased three years ago, we built the facilities ourselves and I have been operational teaching lessons and taking client horses in for training for 2 years.

I am a hard working professional dedicated to “Training for Wellness” 


I have learned that great performance does not come just from training the physique of the horse but also addressing mental and emotional wellbeing. Providing horses with a healthy lifestyle in a safe environment inside and outside, monitoring their health and staying on top of worming and vaccinations, using quality equipment, high quality feed and supplements, becoming educated and paying great attention to movement, feet, teeth and saddle fit, using the best tack and gear available on the market today, taking care of the gear I own and the feed I use, in brief – overseeing every aspect of a horse’s care and training is not just a matter of appearance but of performance and ethics. 


Up until winter of 2015, I was Manolo Mendez’s assistant trainer and stable manager at Equestrian La Mancha. After 12 and a half years working with Manolo Mendez, I am the only Manolo Mendez “Training for Wellness” approved trainer authorised to teach his work in Australia and abroad.


In 2016 my husband and I spent 1 year working and travelling throughout Europe which was an amazing experience, I gave clinics in Denmark and Scotland and taught privately in England, we travelled many countries including far north into the arctic circle in Svalbard, a once in a lifetime adventure. When we returned from Europe we purchased a filly who would be my next competition horse, Hollands Bend Sorceress. At the end of 2019 we celebrated the arrival of 2 more filly foals, Tulip and Sunny – both embryo transfers by Totilas and Sandro Hit out of Sorceress. In June 2020 we look forward to welcoming our own baby into the world.


Throughout 2020 my focus is on teaching private lessons and clinics and selected horses in training.


Please visit my Facebook page, Website and Instagram to see more of who I am and all of the animals I share my life with.