Sheridan’s Story

My name is Sheridan Wilson, I am 22 years old living in Melbourne Victoria. I am a 3*** level eventer with my horse Artane Murphy and my other mount Artane Audrey in intro level.
I have been riding since I was 3 years old, my mum and dad met through horse riding in trials up in the mountains of Ferny creek. I was born in to the horsey world which I would say is lucky for me, my parents would say otherwise 😜
I am very lucky to have such a supportive family behind me along side some fantastic sponsors!
My passion is training horses and students in the equine industry. I coach riding full time on our property Patanga Lodge Equestrian out in the Yarra valley.

Artane Murphy is a big 17.2hh warmblood x thoroughbred bay gelding. Now 8 years old, I bought him from an Isle Of Wight auction in Tatura 5 years ago. As a newly broken in 3 year old, we have been training together ever since and are now confidently competing at international 3*** level. This achievement has been the biggest for both of us so far, it has always been a big dream of mine to be up in these levels and we worked very hard to make it a reality!

Our latest placing a to date are
Ballarat 2** international event. – 1st place
Melbourne international 3DE 2** – 16th place
Friends of Werribee 3*** – 9th place
Victorian international championships 3*** – 8th place
We are heading down to Adelaide at the start of November to compete at the International 3 Day Event in the 2** cci level!
We have also been selected to become apart of the national youth squad for the 2016- 2017 year! This is a huge achievement and we look forward to what’s ahead of us!

Artane Audrey is a big 17.1hh warmblood x thoroughbred bay mare. At 6 years old, she has just begun her career and is showing all signs of talent and enthusiasm towards her new discipline, she was broken in at the start of 2016 ready to begin her journey.