Horse of the Month for April – Pearl

Horse Details

Name: Pearl

Age: 14

Breed: Australian Riding Pony x Welsh

Personality: Very goofy, definitely very food orientated and loves attention.

A Funny/ Memorable story: Pearl is trained to smile on command but sometimes she’ll just stop and
smile at you to see if you have treats. None of my family is horsey so when they offered to turn Pearl
out it was a big thing haha! A few minutes later I got a call from them and I panicked thinking Pearl
had spooked or ran off but no she had just stopped and was just smiling at them and they didn’t
know how to get her to start walking again haha!!

Favourite thing to do: She loves to jump and of course eat lol!

Favourite Equine Pure Delight Flavour: Carrot and Mint with Turmeric and Chia


Rider Details

Name: Kelly Fergeus

Age: 13

Discipline: Eventing!

Pony Club:Joining after all this COVID-19 stuff is done

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