Horse of the Month for January 2020 – RENO

Horse Details

Name: Tickawarra Reno

Age: 9

Breed: OTT TB

Personality: Absolute sweetheart!

A Funny/ Memorable story: Reno was ridden and owned by adult EA riders. On his first pony club with me, whilst I dismounted to tighten his girth, he decided to run 3 laps of the pony club grounds to introduce himself to everyone before running back to me! Needless to say, we didn’t do much because he was already exhausted 🙂 

Favourite thing to do: Dressage

Favourite Equine Pure Delight Flavour: Peppermint & Spinach


Rider Details

Name: Evanna Malkoc

Age: 12

Discipline: Eventing!

Pony Club: MPPC

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