Horse of the Month for June – Star

Horse Details

Name: Winter Vixen aka Star

Age: 8

Breed: Olendburg

Personality: 100% extroverted, a little ADHD, very sassy and secretly affectionate!

A Funny/ Memorable story: Where to start! When I discovered she liked Splits (icy pole/ ice cream), she ate one whole. After that, anything I eat she wants to share. We have eaten a strawberry tart, many ice creams and icy pole variations, lollies, chocolate as well as cheese and crackers! Icy poles etc are a special hot day treat and the rest are only for rare occasions as I don’t want to make her sick. Which is why she gets lots of Equine Pure Delights – delicious and healthy!

Favourite thing to do: Gallop, especially galloping on XC!

Favourite Equine Pure Delight Flavour: Honestly cannot tell as she never hesitates for any of them! She loves them all, although my favourite is the Carrot & Mint as I LOVE the smell of them!


Rider Details

Name: Alysha Harlen

Age: 25

Discipline: Eventing!

Pony Club: Not quite! I teach Equestrian at a school, probably as close to a Pony Club as I’m going to get!

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