Horse of the month for May 2018 – Spec

Name: Spec
Age: 15
Breed: thoroughbred(OTT)
Fave discipline: Jumping! But we also love eventing
Fave delight flavour: any! But her all time favourite at the moment would have to be the Apple and Cinnamon with Molasses and Chia! We both will be very open to trying new flavours though
Best quality: really goofy, lovable and loves a good reward of your amazing treats!
Other points: her show / racing name is Magic Spec and she won once from 28 starts  
Thank you so much for this opportunity

The very first ever competition I took her in we came first! She is very experienced and has competed grade 1 eventing. She continues to teach me and remains patient as I learn from her many years of experience!

We have placed in all of our competitions we have entered and I can not wait to see what the future will hold for us as we progress together!

At my agistment they built shelters recently and Spec hated them so much! Thought there were monsters hiding in the corners and when she would go anywhere near it she would freak out and bolt around the paddock she’s ok now because of us feeding her Equine Pure Delights in there to keep her happy! She now runs into the shelter and waits patiently for her yummy snack

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