Horse of the Month for November – Tylo

Horse Details

Name: Tylo

Age: 20

Breed: Stock Horse

Personality: Goofy old man with stories to tell

A Funny story: On our first group trail ride together, he took off up the mountains and we got slightly lost! They had to find us by calling Cooee.

A Memorable story: The first day I went to meet and ride him I didn’t expect it to be the first day he would come home with me and be with me forever! 

Favourite Equine Pure Delight Flavour: Hmmmm he absolutely loves them all! I have tested this theory numerous times to see which one would he rather choose, but honestly he can’t decide. Personally I love the smell of the peppermint but to him the whole three don’t compare, and it’s an overload of excitement on which one to eat first!

Rider Details

Name: Carissa Boulden

Age: 26

Discipline: Barrel Racing and Trail riding


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